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Vision Unleashed Masterclass


Leaders thriving through chronic stress, self doubt, or

as you rise as a thriving leader to next level up!

Transform your life while transforming the lives of others.

How can I unleash my vision in up to 90 days without guilt, self-doubt or feeling overwhelmed?

  1. Is it actually possible to move past this overwhelming self-doubt in 90 days?

  2. Is it possible to find time for self-care while caring for others?

  3. Can my past/heritage/experiences be a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block??

  4. Can I trust myself again or declutter my desires, and navigate through change like a Boss?

In up to 90 days, I help aspiring second career visionaries & outside-the-box leaders turn past pain into a powerful stepping stone for success.

While working together, you will unleash your vision with optimal health, regain confidence, tell your story with purpose, and regain passion and pleasure from the boardroom to the bedroom. My secret sauce is a combination of holistic medicine, life management tools, and vision board mapping—all grounded in the power of play—used as a tool for success and self-care to leave a lasting legacy.

Through Sacred’s methods, leaders in the education, health, and advocacy fields are holistically able to step into their visions clearly, free themselves from daily stress and a world in crisis, and become conscious and caring professionals that confidently communicate in stressful situations.

Come, let’s get chronic stress out of the driver’s seat and unleash your love medicine!


Love Medicine Leaders Testify

Tell us how your Vision is Unleashed…

“I began going to school while working full-time and organizing with BLM Hudson Valley. ...I became overwhelmed and just plain disconnected and had no clue where my life was headed. My stress levels were at all-time high. Sacred Walker and the Kuumba Health Mastermind sessions provided guidance and tools on how to reduce my stress, set attainable goals, become focused and purposeful. They are a Goddess send, right when I felt I was drowning in a sea of chaos and turbulence, I was thrown a life vest.”

— Community Organizer/ Domestic Violence Trainer/ Counselor


“My most important foci were identifying core purpose and using that to clarify, strategize, and time goals along the way. I was able to identify blockages in my own thinking and that came through the community conversations where I listened to others and felt heard. Sacred Walker is remarkable for her insights into each participant born of an active connection to each person. She really worked to ensure that she was understanding each person..."

—Professor, theologian, leader, author


In just 8 weeks, we will develop a roadmap on how to clearly see and manifest your focused vision + your love medicine.

We will challenge and overcome stressful stumbling blocks, self doubt, activate miraculous relationships to yourself and others, and shift self-sabotage for a lasting legacy to accomplish your vision + optimal health and well-being in a culturally diverse tribe.


How it Works

The Love medicine leaders #VisionUnleashed masterclass is an8-Module online course.

Over these 8 modules you will:

  1. Set your intention and get clear on what drives your C.O.R.E. desires (free of clutter, without guilt, or overwhelm)

  2. Clarify your C.O.R.E. vision (without being perfect, taking away your security, or your ability to say yes/no)

  3. Clarify your C.O.R.E. genius (without losing your edge)

  4. Manifest your C.O.R.E. focused vision with vitality (without losing your zest for life or your drive)

  5. Show up in your C.O.R.E. genius in C.O.R.E. communities (without losing your self-care, self in a relationship, or community)

+ have 24/7 access to the ultimate support system—a tribe of like-minded individuals who are 100% with you on this journey!

after this masterclass you will...

  • Know how to manage your stress at work and home

  • Be a more present partner, caregiver, professional

  • Feel happier with yourself! Self-confidence

  • Feel deserving of self-care

  • Know how to support your goals and desires

  • Be more present personally and professionally

  • Manifest Your Clear + Focused Desire(s)


Meet Sacred

Sacred Walker is an Holistic Psychologist, interfaith minister, business leader, holistic sexual and relationship health coach, and drama therapist who merges all five disciplines to support diverse leaders in the education, health and advocacy fields, to thrive. With specialization in supporting women of color and LGBTQ community members, she has supported thousands worldwide to transform their pain to power. Through Kuumba Health, she uses healing art, ritual, and realignment with divine joy to reconnect to a life you desire. Choose to invite in an experience of wellness that uproots your inner critic, creatively improves your health or leadership, and unleash your success!


I collaborated with Dr. Cornel West on my research of how stress impacts the body—particularly affecting women of color—and how to creatively and soulfully counteract those inner critic and internalized health impact.

I pioneered a specialized, step-by-step stress-reducing system at one of the top hospitals in the world—helping diverse clients successfully reduce their stress and increase their vitality.

I have trained thousands of people worldwide in identifying their stress-enhancing behaviors—and I can help you too! I will help you turn self sabotage into self determination and perfectionism into unmatched potential and inner power.


I recently trained leaders on Capitol Hill to create action plans for supporting their vulnerable communities, and was featured as VIP Woman of the Year by the International Association for Professional Women.

I was also voted Top 40 under 40 LGBTQ Leader by Business Equality Magazine.

As CEO and Founding President of Kuumba Health LLC, a one-of-a-kind Wellness and Leadership Institute: I joyfully facilitate National Wellness and Leadership Training Series for Campuses & Company's Caring Professionals. I have been featured by Business Equality Magazine, Psychology Today, and Essence Magazine- Time Inc. TV to name a few, alongside becoming the International Association Professional Women's (IAPW) VIP member for excellence leadership, and commitment to her profession, while encouraging the achievement of Professional Women, and National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) for our commitment to diversity and inclusion as a wellness company. My company Kuumba Health is a values-based company, and we are City and State certified as a Minority and Women Business Enterprise, and an LGBTBE.

After over 15 years of serving highly-stressed communities, my life's journey is to foster affirming wellness and leadership spaces across schools and companies where care comes full circle by healing divides, infusing well-being, and fostering leadership. Together, I support thriving leaders’ well-being to enhance a more sustainable future for our global marketplace.

I’m in!

Ready to unleash your vision without losing your edge?


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